Hello and this is my WordPress blog. As you can see it is pretty simple. I have a few categories and no matter what you like, I will eventually have a post that will interest you.

To the left in the sidebar is a search icon (where you can search my site), A place where members may log in(If you can’t figure out how to use that, you shouldn’t be allowed near a computer), A place where you can subscribe to my newsletter(It is sent out weekly and honestly, does it hurt to enter your email), and finally, a Carolina Panther news feed ( If you don’t like the Panthers than ignore it. P.S. Screw you!)

I have four main categories of posts. I have music, movies, news and blog. If you are a member than you will see another one called turning point that will be very interesting. Here is the breakdown of the menu.


  • Movies- This will have information about movies that I have either seen or I have heard are very good. Sub categories include action, crime, comedy, horror, and more.
  • Music- This had music in it as the name says. I have 3 genres. Rap, pop, and country. If you like any of those, check it out.
  • News- Worldwide, U.S. and Tech stories are posted here. There is not going to be near as much content there as the other.
  • Blog- This has my background and news about my current life.


Currently there is one members extra. There will be more added later.

  • Turning Point This is probably going to be the most interesting thing you will ever read. I went to an alternative school and I am saying what happened there. I am currently figuring out what I can say without incriminating anybody. This page will be for mature people because it will have a lot of things that aren’t good for young people in the text.

To learn more about turning point google it or go to this link http://www.carolinaschoolhub.com/turning-point-academy-charlotte-nc.cfm

If you have any questions or concerns please hit the contact me page and tell me.